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Spinning disc confocal microscope facility

Spinning-disk confocal microscope facility is suitable for capturing fast changing phenomena, such as, imaging swimming bacteria, etc. Most powerful tools for live cell imaging.
Make and Model
Yokogawa Electric Corporation, CSU-X1
Available mode for use
Single colour and two-colour imaging and brightfield imaging Z-stacks Time series (with or without Z-stack)
  • Microscope and spinning disc: Zeiss observer Z1 inverted motorized and computer-controlled fluorescence microscope fitted with high speed microlens-enchanced Nipkow spinning disc
  • Objectives: 10X/0.45 NA (air), 20 X/0.8 NA (air), 40 X/1.2 NA (air), 40 X/1.3 NA (oil), 63 X/1.4 NA (oil) & 100 X 1.4 NA (oil). DIC imaging is possible with all the objectives
  • Lasers: 488nm and 561 nm solid state lasers as excitation sources
  • Image acquisition at 50 fps at full resolution.
  • Suitable for observing fast dynamic cell processes
  • Two colour (alexa fluor 488 and rhodamine)fluorescence imaging possible.
  • Single colour and two-colour Imaging and brightfield imaging.
  • Z- Stacks
  • Time series (with or without Z-stack)
  • Fast dynamic processes
  • Multi-position imaging


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Central Instrumentation Room, Ground floor Biosciences & Bioengineering Department. I.I.T. Bombay,Powai, Mumbai - 400 076

Contact No: 022-2159 6746

Other Contact Person
  • Pradip Shinde
  • Santosh Panigrahi