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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

IRCC Advisory Committee

The Industrial Research and Consultancy Center (IRCC) Advisory Committee (IAC) has been set up to advise the Dean(R&D) on issues related to the activities, policies and initiatives taken by IRCC for facilitating R&D and incentivizing researchers of our Institute. The committee meets generally once every two months.

Faculty from different academic units of the Institute, ex-officio Professor-in-Charge, CEP/QIP, ex-officio Professor-in-Charge SINE and ex-officio Head, CRNTS/SAIF constitute the IAC along with Dean(R&D), Associate Dean(R&D) and member from the Technical Section of IRCC (member secretary). The IAC members are chosen with a view to have representation from engineering and science disciplines. At least one lady Faculty is included in the committee. A list of possible names is recommended by the Dean(R&D), which is finalized and approved by the Director. The term of the committee is generally for a period of three years from the date of appointment.

Representative policy issues taken to IAC

- Research paper awards and IITB research fellowship scheme
- Coordination of new research directions / initiatives
- Seed grant and special grants
- Matching grant for AICTE career awardees
- IP Policy, and patenting and marketing of inventions
- SINE related and conflict of interest issues
- Central facilities and advanced research facilities
- Providing advance for sanctioned projects awaiting fund release
- Faculty fee and overheads in projects
- Nature of consultancy projects to be taken up by the Faculty
- Disbursal of earnings in consultancy projects
- Utilization of RDF
- Financial support to Ph.D. students in final stages
- Review of CPRN / standard terms and conditions

Representative administrative / operational issues taken to IAC

- Project staff: accommodation rules, medical benefits, HRAS
- Service tax issues
- Online information and submission systems
- Information management cell

Present IRCC Advisory Committee