Details about Awards and Fellows, Associateship, Young Engineer Award in Professional Bodies, received by Faculty in IIT Bombay.

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H1- Galerkin mixed finite element methods for parabolic partial Integro differential equations, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis (2002)

P. B. Rama Rao Memorial Award

Prof. A Jaganmohan Award for Professional Development at Mechanical Engineering Department

Infosys Prize

The Infosys Prize 2019 in Engineering and Computer Science is awarded to Prof. Sunita Sarawagi (or her research in databases, data mining, machine learning and natural language processing, and for important applications of these research techniques. The prize recognizes her pioneering work in developing information extraction techniques for unstructured data).

Lady Tata memorial trust-Young Researcher Award

Prof Y.T. Thathachari award for Science

Prof. H. H. Mathur Excellence Award in Applied Sciences

Fellow, Indian National Academy of Engineering, New Delhi