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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

X-ray Diffraction @MEMS

  • Phase Identification of unknown crystalline materials.
  • Characterization of crystalline materials.
  • Determination of crystal structures using Rietveld refinement.
  • Thin film characterization.
  • SAXS method is useful for the structural characterization of nanomaterials. The samples may be solid objects, powders, gels or liquid dispersions, and they may be amorphous, crystalline or semi-crystalline.
  • Complete Functional system for Phase Analysis & Crystallography.
  • Thin film attachment (GIXRD) & reflectivity measurements.
  • Small angle and wide angle X-ray scattering (SAXS/WAXS) measurements & accessories for solids, composites as well as powder as per technical specifications.


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Room No -G022 ,Ground Floor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science.

Contact No: 022 21593603

Other Contact Person
  • Mr. Hitesh Thakur