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Four dimensional X-ray microscope facility

Four dimensional X-ray microscope facility is a submicron resolution 3D X-ray microscope with insitu temperature controlled tensile and compression capability. This is a scintillator based multi-objective magnification X-ray microscope capable of multi-contrast imaging and 3D tomographic rendering.
Make and Model
Zeiss, Xradia Versa 520
Available mode for use
High aspect ratio tomography mode
  • True spatial resolution <700nm below 70nm minimum achievable voxel
  • Enhanced absorption contrast detectors maximize collection of contrast
  • Nondestructive X-ray microscopes uniquely characterize the microstructure of materials in simulated conditions-in situ-as well as the evolution of properties over time
  • Dual scan contrast visualizer provides flexible side-by-side tuning of two distinct tomographies at different imaging conditions or sample conditions.
  • Provides higher throughput imaging for flat samples such as those found with semiconductor packages and boards.
  • Materials Research Characterize materials, observe fracture mechanics, investigate properties at multiple length scales, quantify and characterize microstructural evolution. Perform in situ and 4D (time dependent) studies to understand the impact of heating, cooling, oxidation, wetting, tension, tensile compression, imbibition, drainage and other simulated environmental studies. Xradia 520 Versa offers non-destructive views into deeply buried micro-structures that may be unobservable with 2D surface imaging such as optical microscopy, SEM, and AFM; compositional contrast for studying low Z or "near Z" elements and other difficult-to-discern materials.
  • Natural Resources Characterize and quantify pore structures, measure fluid flow, study carbon sequestration processes, analyze tailings to maximize mining efforts. Xradia 520 Versa offers the most accurate 3D submicron support for digital rock simulations,  in situ multiphase fluid flow studies, and 3D mineralogy.
  • Life Sciences Perform virtual histologies, visualize cellular and subcellular features, characterize submicron structures in samples that are inches to centimeters in size. Expand your views in developmental biology with high resolution, high contrast images of cellular and subcellular structures. Xradia 520 Versa offers the highest resolution and best contrast in of lab-based computed tomography solutions for unstained and stained hard and soft tissues and biological microstructure.
  • Electronics Optimize your processes, determine package reliability, perform failure analysis, analyze package construction. Xradia 520 Versa offers Non-destructive submicron imaging of intact packages for defect re-localization and characterization with a fast time to results. Xradia Versa offer the industry's highest resolution, non-destructive solution for 3D submicron imaging that complements or replaces physical cross sectioning methods.


Faculty in-charge
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SAIF Room No.103, Near Central Library, I.I.T. Bombay,Powai, Mumbai - 400 076.

Contact No: 022-2159 6855

Other Contact Person
  • Suhasini Pai