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Transmission electron microscopy- sample preparation facility - I

It is used for precision thinning of samples (at final stages) to electron transparency for imaging with transmission electron microscope (TEM).
Make and Model
GATAN Inc. USA, Model 691
Available mode for use
Planar samples and cross sectional samples under dual mode.
  • Precision ion polishing system used topolish/thin down the samples to 80-100nm thin regions for TEM imaging
  • It used to do polishing of most kinds of samples e.g. metallic, semiconductors and composites etc for TEM with energy 5keV and 40-50μA current under dual mode
  • It can do polishing of heat sensitive samples under chill conditions with the use of liquid nitrogen.
  • The facility is used to make thin samples, which are electron transparent when viewed with a transmission electron microscope. The facility houses equipments that can make planar, as well as cross-sectional TEM samples from most materials types.


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

G 025, Ground Floor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Material Science, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Contact No: 02221593613

Other Contact Person
  • Ms. Priyanka Kathar