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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

Transmission Electron Microscopy Facility (300 kV)@MEMS

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The transmission electron microscope is a 300kV high-resolution microscope with a field emission gun and excellent analytical performance. This facility is used for analysis of elemental composition by energy dispersive spectroscopy, diffraction for crystal structure determination and crystallographic studies.

Make and Model

Thermo Scientific, Themis 300 G3

Available mode for use

  • Conventional TEM mode

    Scanning TEM mode

    Spectrum Imaging (EDS)


    Local Orientation and Stress (A-Star) – to be installed with RIFC support.

    Available detectors :

    Super-X (EDS), Conventional TEM and STEM


  • Point resolution – 0.2 nm for TEM, 0.12 nm for STEM

    Information limit – 0.18 nm

    Minimum Brightness – 9.88 x 107 A/m2srV

    EDS energy resolution at Mn – 125 eV

    Maximum spot drift – 0.45 nm/min


  • Deformation in metals

    Nano science/Nano Technology

    Thin Films

    Energy Science/Engineering

    Chemical composition and quantification (TEM)

    Elemental Mapping (STEM)


Facility in-charge

Contact Email

Contact no.

022-2159-6765 , +917506110754 (Mr Prakash Ishte)


Room No. 027, Ground Floor, MEMS Department.

Other contact person(s)

  • Prakash Ishte

Facility Management Member(s)

(w.e.f. )

Prof. I Samajdar
Prof. Nagamani J. Balila
Prof. Ashutosh Gandhi
Prof. MJNV Prasad
Prof. K G Suresh
Prof. Sushil Mishra
Prof. P J. Guruprasad
Prof. Sankara Sarma V. Tatiparti


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