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Scanning probe microscope facility - II

Scanning probe microscope facility is used to characterize surfaces and structures at nanoscale using variety of physical probes. The facility includes atomic force microscope (AFM), scanning tunneling microscope (STM) etc.
Make and Model
Bruker (Previously Veeco), Multimode Nanoscope-IV
Available mode for use
• Contact mode AFM Tapping mode AFM Lateral force microscopy Force modulation microscopy Magnetic force microscopy Electric force microscopy Surface potential microscopy Conductive AFM Electrochemical AFM Scanning tunneling microscopy Scanning tunneling spectroscopy Low current STM Electrochemical STM Nanoindentation Specifications/Features
  • Versatile multimode system for high resolution microscopy
  • Vibration isolation table & acoustic isolation hood
  • Scan size: 0.4 μm to 125 μm
  • 10 x optical microscope for selected area AFM
  • Image processing and analysis software.
  • Surface topography and roughness
  • Particle size analysis
  • Atomic resolution imaging
  • Electrical mapping
  • Magnetic mapping
  • Mechanical properties


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Room No. 014, Department of Physics, I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076

Contact No: 022-25764556/45