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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

Next Generation Sequencing Platform (IoE WCRL)

Major equipment's:

• Sequencing Platform : Illumina NextSeq 550 from Illumina

• 4200 Tape Station system from Agilent

• Qubit 4 Fluorometer by Thermo Fisher Scientific

• Analysis workstation

• NextSeq 550 (Sequencing Platform) The NextSeq 550 System combines tried-and-true next-generation sequencing (NGS) and array capabilities with tunable outputs, enabling both small and large labs to scale to meet their needs. Its fast DNA-to-results workflow enables rapid sequencing of exomes, targeted panels, and transcriptomes in a single run, with the flexibility to switch to low- or highthroughput sequencing as needed. Illumina scientists are available at every point along the way with support and guidance, enabling large clinical research labs to scale with confidence and smaller labs to employ both genotyping and sequencing technologies. The NextSeq 550 System offers various throughput levels, providing users with optimal operational efficiency. The NextSeq 550 System also delivers a one-day turnaround for numerous popular sequencing applications. With this instrument, users can sequence a broad range of samples per run:

• 1-12 exomes

• 1-16 transcriptomes

• 6-96 targeted panels

• 12-40 gene expression profiling samples

Easy system operation The NextSeq 550 System features an intuitive user interface and load-and-go design that allow users to perform various sequencing applications with minimal training and instrument set-up time. It provides Array Scanning The NextSeq 550 System offers: • Ready-to-use reagents • Radio-frequency identification (RFID)–encoded consumables • Integrated cluster generation and sequencing capabilities • Easy-to-follow controls Prepared libraries are loaded into the NextSeq 550 System where sequencing is automated and fast. Data are generated in as few as 6.5 hours for a 75-cycle sequencing run, and less than 30 hours for a paired-end 150-cycle run


  • • High-accuracy sequencing performance, with tunable read length, and multiple output configurations



  • • Gene Expression Profiling

    • Exome Sequencing

    • Small Whole-Genome Sequencing

    • Targeted sequencing (amplicon-based, gene panel)

    • Transcriptome sequencing (total RNA-Seq, mRNA-Seq, gene expression profiling)

    • Arrays

Facility in-charge

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Room No. 204 A, 2nd Floor, BSBE Department, IIT Bombay

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  • Santosh Panigrahi

Facility Management Member(s)

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Prof. Santanu K. Ghosh
Prof. Sarika Mehra
Prof. S Patankar
Prof. Suparna Mukherji
Prof. Sanjeeva Srivastava
Prof. Sushil Kumar