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Multi frequency electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR) is the method for the direct detection of paramagnetic species. This facility works effective on the basis of CW-EPR and it is corroborated with multiple features of 2D operation mode, where the second axis can be time, temperature and microwave power .
Make and Model
Bruker, EMXplus
Available mode for use
X-band measurement at R.T. and 100K Q-band measurement at R.T. and 100K
  • Variable temperature EPR (X and Q-band) measurement(5K-300K)
  • Single crystal measurement
  • Finger dewar
  • Interaction between the unpaired electron in the system (Organic or Inorganic complexes)
  • To find out the geometry around metal ions (particularly useful in biology Example: active site of enzymes and metalloproteinase)
  • EPR imaging
  • Radicals trapping
  • Probing the radical mechanism of chemical and biological catalysis reaction
  • To probe mechanism of Radical polymerization
  • Spin labelling experiments
  • Quantitative absolute concentration measurements


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Building adjacent to Chemistry Department, Behind Security Kiosk (Ground floor), Department of Chemistry.

Contact No: +91-22-2576-4132

Other Contact Person
  • Mr. Nitin Kadam
  • Mr. Narendra Gaikwad