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Matrix assisted laser desorption/ ionisation- time of flight facility

Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization is a soft ionization technique used in mass spectrometry, allowing the analysis of biomolecules (biopolymers such as DNA, proteins, peptides and sugars) and large organic molecules (such as polymers and other macromolecules). It is used for the study of protein/peptide characterization, polymer analysis, glycan analysis, nucleic acids & small molecule analysis.
Make and Model
Bruker, Autoflex Speed
Available mode for use
Linear mode- For high molecular weight analytes (>10,000Da) Reflectron mode- For low molecular weight analytes (<10,000Da)
  • Different biomolecules can be analyzed
  • High resolution reflectron mode and the latest TOF/TOF technology (LIFT™)
  • Broadband mass resolving power up to 26,000
  • Molecular weight determination of intact proteins
  • Partial protein sequencing
  • Protein identification
  • N-terminal sequencing
  • Small molecule detection
  • Nucleic acid and oligo nucleotide detection
  • Glycan detection
  • Polymer detection


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Room No- 307, Central Instrumentation Facility, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400076

Contact No: 022 25764757

Other Contact Person
  • Ms. Tumpa Raj Das