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Image based spray diagnostic facility

This facility helps in studying characterisation of fuel sprays using laser based optical diagnostics.This system works based on the two optical techniques i.e. Particle image velocimetry (PIV) and shadowgraphy technique (backlighting).
Make and Model
Available mode for use
Particle size velocimetry Shadowgraphy

Complete hardware control using DaVis software
Flexible beam delivery and sheet forming optics
Accurate hardware and size calibration 
Comprehensive on-line image evaluation and data processing
Flexible definition of image acquisition sequences including delays, trigger bursts and synchronizing to external events
2D and 3D visualization of image data,combination of vector data and images,extraction of profiles, user defined color lookup tables, variable color resolution andzoom function Smoothing and many other filter operations for image and vector data (Gauss, Laplace,Sobel, Erosion, customizable filters ...) Data import / export to TecPlot, ASCII, BMP, JPG, TIFF, VI, PS, FTS, ...


Investigation of combustion phenomenon in flames, burners, jet engines, furnaces, propulsion systems, chemical reactors, shock tubes, Information : Flame front visualization & propagation
Flame radicals' distribution (OH, NO, CH......)
Visualization of pollutant and soot formation
Flame structure and stability
Soot concentration and size of primary soot particles
Structural analysis of turbulent flames
Visualization of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
Quantitative spray pattern analysis of flat, axial and radial spray images
Investigation of droplet or particle size distributions in various applications such as spray atomization, bubbles, particle flows, visualizing particles and droplet and gathering following properties, Information : Droplets size
Droplets position
Droplets shape & velocity
Droplets number density
Droplets mass flux


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Combustion Research Laboratory Department of Aerospace Engineering I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, Mumbai-400076 (MS)

Contact No: +91-22-2576-7124