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Fluorescence activated cell sorting /flow cytometer facility

Fluorescence activated cell sorting/Flow cytometer facility enables analysis & sorting of heterogeneous mixture of biological cells depending upon the specific light scattering characteristics and/or fluorescent characteristics of each cell in population.
Make and Model
Becton Dickinson (BD), BD FACS Aria SORP (FACS1) & BD FACS Aria Fusion (FACS2)
Available mode for use
Cell/particle analysis and Cell segregation based on scatter/ fluorescence properties
  • Designed to sort cells at high flow speed The sorted cells can be collected in a varietyof vessels including 15ml Falcon tubes for 2-waysort, 5ml FACS tubes for 4-way or 2-way sort & 12 well, 24 well, 48 well & 96 well plates for plate sort. The collection vessels should contain media or buffer Lasers: FACS1 (4 lasers) -UV laser (355nm) Blue (488nm), Yellow Green (561nm) & Red laser (633nm) FACS2 (5 lasers) - UV laser (355nm) Blue (488nm), Yellow Green (561nm), Red laser (637nm) & Violet (405). Detectors: FACS1- 13 parameters can be detected including scatter properties. FACS2 – 20 parameters can be detected including scatter properties
  • Following are the typical applications of the machine Cell cycle analysis
  • Apoptosis assays
  • Immuno-phenotyping
  • Intra-cellular staining
  • Cell viability assay


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

FACS1: Room No 113, CRNTS, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400076 FACS2: Room no. 005, Central Instrumentation room, ground floor, Biosciences & Bioengineering department, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai – 400076

Contact No: FACS1: 4209/4685 FACS2: 6746

Other Contact Person
  • FACS1: Ms. Madhura M.Joshi
  • FACS2: Ms.Shikha Gupta