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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

Field emission gun-transmission electron microscope facility-200 kV facility

Transmission Electron Microscopy technique uses a beam of high energy electrons which is transmitted through a very thin sample to form an image/diffraction pattern to reveal the information about morphology and crystallography. 200kV Field emission gun-transmission electron microscope produces high brightness which is useful for imaging of the crystallographic structure of a sample at an atomic scale resolution up to (2 A0).
Make and Model
Available mode for use
TEM Bright field/dark field imaging HR-TEM imaging Diffraction pattern
  • EM-20014 ultrahigh resolution
  • Point resolution : 0.19nm
  • Lattice resolution : 0.1nm
  • Magnification : 50x to 1,500,000x
  • Acc. voltage : 120kV, 200kV
  • Electron gun emitter : ZrO/W(100)
  • Brightness : 34 x 108 A/(
  • Pressure : On the order of 10-8 Pa
  • Probe current : >=0.5nA for 1nm probe
  • Nano science/Nano Technology
  • Micro/Nano electronics
  • Thin Films
  • Catalysis
  • Corrosion
  • Polymer Science
  • Energy Science/Engineering
  • Biological and life sciences


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Room No: 315 - A Ground floor, CRNTS/SAIF, IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai - 400 076.

Contact No: 022-2159 6865

Other Contact Person
  • Mr. Anand Mehta
  • Mrs. Aradhana P. Naudiyal
  • Dr. Bharati Patro