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Deformation Simulation Laboratory (Gleeble 3800 Thermomechanical Simulator + Dilatometer DIL 805-AD)

Make and Model
Instrument Details: Gleeble 3800 Thermomechanical Simulator Make : Dynamic Systems Inc. Model : 3800 Installed Date: 2014 Instrument Details: Dilatometer Make : TA Instruments Model : DIL 805 A/D Installed Date : 2014
Available mode for use
Contact mode AFM (under dry and wetconditions)
Tapping mode AFM (under dry and wet conditions)
Other advanced modes of operation include
Force model AFM (under dry and wet conditions)
Conductive AFM
Piezo-force microscopy
  • Instrument Details: Gleeble 3800 Thermomechanical Simulator Thermal Cycles and Heat Treatments Flow Stress & plane strain Compression Testing Melting & Solidification Strain Induced Crack Opening (SICO) Procedure Strip Annealing Process Simulation Instrument Details: Dilatometer Quenching Mode to Determine Phase Transformations Deformation Mode for Hot compression Sub-zero Module for quenching below room temperature Alpha Measuring System Heating Ring for Non-thermally Conductive Samples


Faculty in-charge
Contact Email

Deformation Simulation Laboratory, Basement, Dept. of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science, IIT Bombay.

Contact No: 022-25764646

Other Contact Person
  • Umesh Ahire,, 7208887112
  • Abhishek Pawar,, 9096258438