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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

Cryo high resolution transmission electron microscope facility

This facility facilitates TEM analysis of biological as well as soft solids on cryo mode or normal mode.This facility works on cryo EM technique where biological samples are preserved in vitreous ice and imaged by EM at cryogenic temperatures. High contrast helps in imaging biological samples without staining.
Make and Model
Available mode for use
Room temperature imaging of dry samples Cryo mode-Imaging of vitrified samples EDS-Elemental mapping and quantification EELS-Electron energy loss spectroscopy STEM-Brightfield and darkfield images Electron diffraction for crystallography studies
  • With ultra-clean high vacuum for contamination free observation
  • Compustage for accurate specimen control.
  • Especially fits the need for cryo-observation.
  • Low temperature observation is possible due to installation of a specific cold-trap,which is effective for the preventing vapour deposition on cryo holders and their specimens while in the column.
  • Nanotechnology, Biology and Life sciences, Material science, Pharmaceutical analysis, Semiconductors.


Faculty in-charge
  • Prof. J Bellare
Contact Email

Location (Address)Room No.110, Ground floor, Silicate Lab, Chemical Engg Dept. Powai, Mumbai - 400 076. 

Contact No: +91 022 25764266

Other Contact Person
  • Ms. Shobha V. Ramagiri