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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

Conductive atomic force microscope facility

This facility helps to map topography and morphology of samples. It can measure electrical, magnetic and piezo-electric behaviour of the surface using suitable probes.
Make and Model
Asylum/Oxford Instruments, MFP3D Origin 
Available mode for use
Contact mode Non contact mode
  • Has a maximum scan area of 90x90 μm2 and minimum scan area is around 10 to 30nm. Maximum scan depth is 14μm and minimum can be a few nanometres
  • Good external noise isolation
  • High speed pulse measurement capability through tip
Material characterization applications including thin dielectric films, nanotubes,conductive polymers, and others Characterize ferroelectric and Piezoelectric materials


Faculty in-charge
  • Prof. Udayan Ganguly


Contact Email

Char2 Lab Second Floor, EE Annexe
Department of Electrical Engineering, 
I.I.T. Bombay, Powai, 
Mumbai - 400076

Contact No:022-2576 4419


Other Contact Person