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  • High resolution microstructural characterization of thin films
    • ω-scan/Rocking curves [RC]
    • High resolution ω-2θ using analysers (two bounce or four bound analyser in the diffraction beam optics) [HRω-2θ]
    • Reciprocal space mapping [RSM]
    • ϕ-scan
  • Reflectivity
    • Reflectivity measurement [Reflectivity]
  • High Resolution powder measurements
    • θ-2θ using Johnson mirror [HR-powder]
    • Glancing angle diffraction [GLD]
  • In-plane measurements
    • ϕ-scan/rocking curves [In-RC]
    • x-ϕ scan



  • High intensity x-ray source (9 kW rotating anode source)i
  • Parallel beam optics. (useful for microstructural characterization)
  • High resolution goniometer with △θ ▯ 0.0001 Deg as compared to 0.001 Deg for the standard XRD systems.
  • In-plane goniometer (useful for in-plane microstructural studies for the thinfilms)


X-ray beam is allowed to fall on the sample and the angles (θ) associated with diffraction maxima [as well as intensity distribution about the maxima] occurring due to different lattice planes are recorded. (θ) is related to the lattice spacing d through Bragg condition 2d Sinθ=nλ where λ is the x-ray wavelength. Information about the lattice structure as well as crystalline quality of a material can be obtained by measuring the angular distribution of intensity about the maxima.



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Following type of samples cannot be handled

(i) Health hazardous samples 
(ii) Liquid samples