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Industrial Research And Consultancy Centre

            Established in 1958, IIT Bombay has grown from strength to strength to emerge as one of the top technical universities in the world. Starting from a top-class educational institute, IIT Bombay gradually transformed itself into a leading research institute in science and engineering and, subsequently, into an institute with translational research as the central focus. Research and academic programs at IIT Bombay are driven by outstanding faculty, many of whom are reputed for their research contributions internationally. IIT Bombay has strong collaborative research programs with leading Indian industries, multinational companies, and many national and international universities. These engagements have resulted in the development of technologies with significant societal impact. 

Recognizing that technology development requires multi-disciplinary and collaborative research inputs, IIT Bombay has established centres of excellence in emerging and critical research areas like AI-ML, semiconductor technologies, healthcare and biosciences, quantum technologies, smart manufacturing, advanced materials, and the future of transportation. While maintaining a lead position in these frontier research areas, there is equal emphasis on research in sustainability sciences, carbon capture and utilization, air and water quality monitoring, climate modelling, and technologies for the bottom of the pyramid. These research centres are supported through funding received from government agencies, PSUs, Indian and multinational companies, space and defence agencies, and generous alum donations. Equipped with a world-class research infrastructure for analytical instruments and prototyping facilities, a school of entrepreneurship, domain-specific technology accelerators, and a business incubator, IIT Bombay has incubated more than two hundred deep-tech companies and licensed many technologies to Indian and multinational industries. Thus, over the years, IIT Bombay has metamorphosed into a translational research laboratory!

This website provides a glimpse of the research ecosystem at IIT Bombay. It is also an invitation to partner with us and share our excitement of developing innovative solutions with high societal impact for problems in all spheres of life. The Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre (IRCC) at IITB will serve as your guide in this partnership. IRCC will help you connect with faculty experts and research groups, find your way through the maze of laboratories, and provide legal support for MOUs, IP protection, and technology licensing. Our joy of creating innovative and impactful ideas will multiply if you join us in our endeavour to become one of the top global R&D destinations.

Prof. Sachin C. Patwardhan

Dean R&D