Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) discovery using non-WLAN network assistance

The invention relates to wireless communication networks, and more particularly to discovery of WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks) by a User Equipment (UE) connected to a cellular communication network. It provides a method and system for energy efficient discovery of Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) for a User Equipment (UE) associated with a cellular network based on a plurality of factors comprising of network topology, information related to operating channels and traffic steering policies for the deployed WLANs which may be provided by the cellular network. Also, provides a method and system for steering traffic from a UE towards a WLAN based on Received Signal Strengths(RSS) of both WLANs and cellular networks available to the UE.



Faculty Associated


  • Pravjyot Singh Deogun,Shash, Abhay KarandikaRanjan, Punit A.Rathodr