Vehicle body construction with Modular sandwich panels

  • This invention relates to a bus vehicle body construction with sandwich modular panel
  • Body panels are sandwiched with light weight foam material and formed in a way that an array of these modules can be joined together to form a monocoque type constructed body for buses, trains or such similar vehicles.
  • sandwich layer is manufactured by a physical process, in which the intermediate core which are formed of aluminum foam, foamed ceramic, foamed plastic, said foamed material are then embedded between the two metal layers. The core material which forms the intermediate core can also be made from honeycombs of aluminum, paper and plastic


  • Simple fabrication method
  • Low labor cost
  • Allow dynamic and fast manufacturing do not require welding
  • Industrial waste is reduced
  • Portable
  • No need for external cladding or interior paneling which otherwise would add the weight
  • Can be made from Aluminum sheets with a core of poly foams or honeycombs
  • Totally modular structure, joint by screws, rivets, chemical lock or fitting systems
Vehicle body construction


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  • K. Munshi

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