Vapour absorption refrigeration system to equalize liquid volume in titling position

The invention relates to a vapour absorption refrigeration system including a float arranged inside an absorber reservoir.The absorber-reservoir contains a strong solution. A bubble pump is arranged inside an inner tube in a heat exchanger with an external heating arrangement. The external heating arrangement is operably connected to the absorber-reservoir. An external reservoir is connected across the external heatingarrangement. The float resists flow of the strong solution in the inner tube towards the absorber-reservoir when a side of the external heating arrangement is elevated upwards and a side of the absorber-reservoir is tilted downwards. The external reservoirstores excess a weak solution inside the external heating arrangement when the side of the absorber-reservoir is elevated upwards and the side of the external heating arrangement is tilted downwards.

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  • Shridhar Laxman Bapat

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