Towards the development of an impedimetric biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticles for early detection of cervical cancer

The present invention provides a method of detecting a target moiety in a sample solution, said method comprising steps of (a) contacting the solution with the modified electrode comprising PEG-arginine functionalised magnetic nanoparticles coated on a glassy carbon electrode and modified with a capture probe (b) applying voltage to the electrode of step (a) and (c) determining the current generated on the biosensor. The instant invention also pertains to the employment of impedance spectroscopy to detect a sample signal profile for a group of electrical parameters across a selected frequency range. Such parameters include charge transfer resistance, capacitance, polarization resistance or combinations thereof. The invention provides compositions and kits, for practicing the detection methods described herein using capture probes specific for detection of a particular target moiety. Kits for carrying out the detection assays of the invention typically include a probe that specifically binds to target moiety thereby immobilized on the biosensor.



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  • Direndara Bahadur, Sudeshna Chandra, NEERAV BAROLA

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