Segmented Object Manufacturing (Foam 3D Printer)

Segmented Object Manufacturing (Foam 3D Printer) is a novel 3D printer for foam prototyping. Unique features of the machine such as the visible slicing approach and its kinematics will make the machine much effective than available foam prototyping machines. It is a hybrid machine which makes use of hot wire slicing, machining and gluing process. It uses visible slicing which results in thick slices but does not have a stair-case effect as it makes use of CNC machining. Necessary software for visible slicing developed in house. One of the major potential applications of the machine is in the foam foundry, as it can produce accurate foam patterns or the cluster itself quickly and automatically as a single piece without any special tooling. This machine can be used to produce small to large prototypes, which is economical compared to the existing foam RP process.

Technical Data:
• Raw material: Foam block
• Layer thickness: Variable
• Slicing strategy: Visible slicing
• Software: In-house developed
• Input File Format: NC file

Salient Features:
• Capability to produce foam parts quickly and can be realized the complex part from CAD itself
• Able to produce complex parts because of novel octree based visible slicing concept
• Achieve a metallic prototype or final component by using this EPS Prototype as a pattern of Lost Foam Casting

• Lost foam foundry: This machine has great potential in the foam foundry as it will give the flexibility to the manufacture to produce complex castings without producing the mould for the foam patterns/clusters.
• Large prototyping
• Sculpturing
• Movie set making, etc.


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