The present invention relates to a retinal prosthetic device for aiding restoration of vision of human eye.

This comprises an external unit including an image acquiring means and a radio frequency

transmitter and an internal unit comprising a microelectrode array and a radio frequency receiver.

The image acquiring means capture, process and convert captured images into electrical

signals mounted on eye wear, worn by a patient.

Then the radio frequency transmitter transmits those images to the internal unit.

The radio-frequency receiver in the internal unit then receives the electrical signals from said

radio-frequency transmitter and transmits the received signals to microelectrode array.

The microelectrode array, which again comprises plurality of microelectrodes and placed

proximally to targeted retinal cells, is configured to stimulate said cells with the aid of one or

more reservoirs filled with one or more drugs for chemical stimulation of said retinal cells.

The reservoirs are amalgamated with said microelectrode array.

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Faculty Associated


  • Jayesh Bellare, H Anuradha