A Novel Scheme for Differentiating Uplink Bandwidth Request based on Connection Priority and Access Delay

Embodiments herein disclose method, system and devices for resolving contention for bandwidth access in a communication network, where the method comprises computing a random time interval by the MS based on a plurality of factors. On the MS not receiving a response, the MS sends a further bandwidth request to the BS after waiting for the random time interval. The MS may defer transmission of bandwidth request on receiving an overload message from the BS. Also, disclosed herein are method, system and devices for resolving contention, where the BS sends the Quality of Service (QoS) parameters and the next level of QoS parameters to the MS. The MS, uses the next level of QoS parameters during the process of sending the bandwidth request to the BS, if the MS has not received a response to previous requests to the BS and a pre-defined number of attempts have passed.

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  • Abhay Karandikar, Mahima Mehta, Suman Khakurel

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