A novel easel design

Easels are traditionally used by painters to support a painting while they work on the painting, normally standing up. Structurally, easels are of two types - tripod easels and H-frame easels. In order to keep the tripod easel easy and light to carry around, a lot many times, their stability is compromised. Also, when using the tripod easel, artists have very limited options to stack/mount and use their various accessories. H-frame easels are particularly bulky, and heavy. Moreover, they offer no collapsibility and are thus difficult to carry around. Hence, there is a need in art sector for an easel that solves the aforementioned problems.

The purpose of our invention is to provide a supportive tool for an artist. Thorough attention was paid to details in order to simplify the design in and come up with a robust high productivity and lightweight solution. The novel easel is easier to carry, setup, use, can withstand challenges posed by outdoor environment and adapts to the unique needs of each artist. Our invention focuses on functionality and provides a one stop solution to various inconveniences faced by artists, as it is designed based on studying the artist’s needs and behaviour. It comprises of five components:

1. Painting area: The painting area is compact and collapsible. It supports multiple types of painting surfaces of varying sizes and can prevent them from moving/falling. It can be adjusted to any angle, depending on artists’ preference or media requirement.

2. Attachment to hold supplies: The storage and segregation of painting supplies is intuitive and ergonomically reachable. This part is modular and can adapt to artists’ usage requirements.

3. Attachment to wash brushes: A new kind of brush washer is introduced in this invention that makes the process of washing brushes/tools easy. At the same time this unit is disposable as well as collapsible, thus enhancing portability.

4. Area for mixing colors: The area for mixing of colors is easy to use, providing the opportunity to judge which shades of colors are being prepared more accurately. It is sufficiently large for the activity and is easy to clean.

5. A stand/tripod/easel: The support structure of the easel allows the artist to setup and retract the easel at click of a button. The artist no longer needs to painstakingly set up each individual leg. It does not have any loose parts, preventing the artist from the inconvenience of missing any attachments at job. It can withstand certain wear and tear, as this will be the load bearing part of the setup. The entire easel setup is portable.

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