Multi utility vapour compressing system

Novel design with air conditioning, water heating, water chilling, and cloth drying in a single unit has been developed by Prof. M. V. Rane and his student of Department of Mechanical Engineering.

- Integrated system and simple to operate
- High heat transfer coefficients: novel tubular exchangers
- Instant-on-demand supply of hot and cold water: no storage required
- Chills portable water to 18°C: and heats tap water to 45°C
- Low operating costs: 60 to 70% reduction in operating costs
- Lower initial cost: compared to the conventional air conditioner + electric water heater + water cooler
- Compact design: same footprint as that of window or split air conditioner

- Residential: simultaneous space cooling, water heating and cold water for drinking
- Commercial --- hotels, restaurants, hospitals
- Industrial --- dairy, pharmaceutical, textile, chemical process

Faculty Associated


  • A Dasgupta, M V Rane

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