Method of capturing a full 360 degree view using panoramic imaging systems

The embodiments herein relate to a method and system for capturing a full 360 degree view using panoramic imaging systems. Eight cameras are placed at uniform angle interval (45 degrees apart) such that there is considerable overlapping between adjacent cameras. The method adjusts the cameras such that limited image processing is required for stitching images. The cameras are adjusted using disclosed method so that their optical axis lie in the same horizontal plane and angular interval between them is uniform. A panoramic view is formed by a simple method of removing overlapping area between two images captured by adjacent cameras. Three different methods can be applied to remove and smooth the image in the overlapping portion of images. The combined image is called a panoramic view as the stitching is smooth. The arrangement of cameras with image processing system can be used to get a panoramic view without distortion in real time.



Faculty Associated


  • Leena Vachhani, Anupa Ganesh Sabnis