Low power analog FM transceiver for Bio-Telemetry Applications

According to the invention, there is provided a low power analog FM transceiver for bio-telemetry applications which comprises an FM transmitter for receiving an input signal for wireless transmission and an FM receiver configured for receiving the frequency modulated signal transmitted from the FM transmitter. The FM transmitter having a frequency chopper for increasing bandwidth of the input signal according to a given modulation index, a low pass filter; a frequency modulator for performing frequency modulation of the filtered signal; and a non-linear high efficiency power-amplifier for amplifying the frequency modulated signal. The FM receiver comprises a low noise amplifier for amplifying the received frequency modulated signal to generate an amplified signal having a pre-estimated SNR lesser than a desired SNR of output signal of the FM receiver; a linear frequency demodulator for performing frequency demodulation of the signal of the pre-estimated SNR to generate a frequency demodulated signal of the desired SNR; and another frequency chopper for decreasing bandwidth of the frequency demodulated signal to obtain the output signal of bandwidth similar to bandwidth of the input signal.




  • Maryam Shojaei Baghini, Jayanta Mukherjee, Vineeth A, Santhosh Kumar G

Patent Application no.