Interference Management in Heterogeneous Networks by Resource Block Prioritization

The embodiments disclosed herein relates to a method and system for interference management in a communication network. The system achieves interference management by coordinating the prioritized use of Frequency Time Resource Blocks (FTB) in the network. When a user initiates/receives a call, the system checks in a FTB usage count map (cMap). The cMap has cells each corresponding different FTBs and the value in each cell indicates availability of corresponding FTB. Further, the system checks the interference indicator for the available FTBs in a prioritized manner (most used first). If the interference indicator of a FTB meets the predefined criteria, that FTB is selected for the transmission. By selecting and using cells having desired interference indicator value, interference associated with the data transmission in the system gets reduced.



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  • Abhay Karandikar, Gaurav Varshney, Rathod Punit Ashok, Akshay Mishra

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