Hybrid cooling system

Prof. M.V. Rane and his student of Department of Mechanical Engineering have developed a novel hybrid cooling system (HCS) in which air temperature and humidity are simultaneously controlled using a novel contacting device, which meets the needs of dehumidification, decrease in temperature and significant reduction of consumed electricity. The device increases cooling and dehumidification capacity of the refrigeration compressor used as well.

The HCS devised uses liquid desiccants to dehumidify the air drawn. This system has an innovative contacting device. The HCS has a higher cooling capacity than normal vapour compressor systems.

Also the liquid desiccant can be regenerated without loss to the outside environment and also does not corrode its parts. The regenerated desiccant can be used efficiently to dehumidify more air.

The entire system is made of alternative materials so as to reduce cost, weight and eliminate corrosion problems normally faced by air conditioning systems. Liquid-liquid heat exchangers increase the cooling capacity and Coefficient of Performance (COP) of the hybrid system. Compared to the conventional Vapour Compression Regrigaration System (VCRS), the reheating of air is not needed in the hybrid system devised. This reduces cooling load, increases efficiency, cooling capacity and COP and lowers running costs.

Thus, newer generation air conditioners cum dehumidifiers with better features and technology are possible with HCS technology devised at IIT Bombay.

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  • M V Rane, S V Kota Reddy

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