Distributed Fault Tolerance for WSNs with Routing Tree Overlays

Distributed Fault Tolerance for Wireless Sensor Networks is disclosed. The disclosed method ensures that fault messages are sent to all nodes reliably even in a lossy channel for WSNs with a routing tree overlay. Faults on the nodes are detected by monitoring periodic control messages from a neighboring node of the faulty node, irrespective of event rate. Further, a fault report is generated and sent to sink node. In addition, the method also facilitates disseminating fault information in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). When the sink node receives the fault report the sink node sends message to the non sink node directing the non-sink node to enter CSMA mode after current TDMA frame. Further, the sink node originates a fault info packet with new schedule and fault information along with a bitmap indicating receipt of the fault info packet by nodes in the network.



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  • Anirudha Sahoo, Chilukuri Shanti

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