A diagnostic method for determining deformations in a transformer or reactor winding

Transformers are one of the important components of a power system and are used to step up or step down voltage levels in the power system. Deformations in the transformer winding will cause malfunctioning of the transformer and may even lead to explosion of the transformer thereby giving rise to damages to the other components of the power system and accidents. Therefore, it is essential to detect and determine deformations in the transformer winding to ensure normal operation of the transformer and power system, obtain expected operational life of the transformer and to prevent accidents. The transformer winding comprises at least one phase winding. In a three phase transformer, the transformer winding comprises three phase windings which may be connected in delta or star connection. Deformations in the winding may be axial or radial in nature depending upon the displacement of the transformer windings with respect to the transformer core in the axial or radial direction. Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) is widely used for detection of deformations in the transformer winding. The FRA method is quite inconvenient and cumbersome to carryout. The inevetors in IIT B has provided a diagnostic method for determining deformations in a transformer winding, which method is accurate and reliable and indicates the location of deformation in a winding and also indicates whether the deformation in the winding is radial or axial and the extent of deformation.

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  • S V Kulkarni, P M Joshi\t

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