A current-source-fed single-power-stage grid connected PV system A Current Source Fed, Input Capacitor-Less Single Power Stage Grid Connected PV System

The embodiments herein relates to a reliable photovoltaic power conditioning circuitry as disclosed in the embodiments herein. The system introduces a current source type photovoltaic system with an inductor connected in series to the output of the photovoltaic array (PV array). The inductor based photovoltaic circuitry offers better reliability and efficiency. The PV arrays in the circuit acts as split sources, each operating in alternate half cycles of the capacitor reference voltage Vcref. Further, the two back to back connected current dc-dc converters constitute a novel dc-ac converter action. Each dc-dc current converter operates in continuous conduction mode (CCM) for one half cycle each of the capacitor reference voltage. The utility grid receives power from one half of the PV array in one half cycle of the Vcref and from the other half of PV array in the next half cycle of Vcref.

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  • Vivek Agarwal, Kriti Kumar

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