A bidirectionally accessible mobile wireless communication system

The present invention relates to wireless communication systems, and particularly to such system, which employs and interface, which enables transparent, bi-directional access to services between wireless personal area network (PAN) devices and wireless/wired local area network (LAN). More particularly, the interface provides bi-directional access to services in a hybrid network of Bluetooth and wireless/wired LAN. . The interface provides an end-to-end wireless communication path between a bluetooth-enabled device (Personal Digital Assistant, cellular phone, Vehicle Module, etc.) and a server running on LAN/internet. Additionally, the interface also allows a LAN enable device to access services running on a blutooth-enabled server. The single working device of the present invention not only provides access to an internet-connected server from a bluetooth-enabled device but also provides transparent access to services on Bluetooth-enabled device from an LAN enabled device or internet in such away that the two technologies do not interfere or. disrupt the operation of each other. The present invention may be used for diverse applications. By way of example, the wireless system of the invention could be used at hospitals, stock exchanges, shopping malls, health services, fast food establishments, to obtain maps and weather and traffic information and to receive downloaded music on a headset etc.



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  • R Lal, Uday Desai, V Singh, V Gaind

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