Absorption module

An important aspect of design of adsorption modules is to achieve lower cycle time so that one can have more number of cycles per unit time thereby making the system compact , with reduced quantity of adsorbent and adsorbate.

It is desirable to have adsorption modules with characteristics:
1. High thermal conductivity of the adsorbent bed.
2. High rates of heat transfer to and from the bed.
3. Low thermal mass of adsorption module.
4. Having low thermal mass of adsorbent module while having high rates of heat transfer.
5. High affinity for adsorbate per unit quantity of adsorbent.

The invention id related to design of compact adsorption modules that overcome the problems of low thermal conductivity of adsorption beds. Further this invention when integrated with configurations of condensers evaporators and other system components, to implement different cycles, deliver characterstics of lower cycle times high coefficient of performance due to low thermal mass, high specific cooling power, ease of fabrication and operation.

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  • M V Rane, Akhil Agarwal

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