UV-VIS-near IR spectrometer facility


The UV-Vis-near IR-spectrometer has double beam, double monochromator and ratio recording UV-Vis-near IR spectrophotometer with microcomputer electronics, controlled by a compatible personal computer. Photomultiplier R6872 for high energy in the whole UV/Vis wavelength range.

Make and Model

PerkinElmer, Lambda 950

Available mode for use

  • Total reflectance measurement

  • Total transmittance measurement

  • Diffuse transmittance measurement

  • Diffuse reflectance measurement


  • Wavelength range: 175nm - 3300nm

  • Source: Pre-aligned tungsten-halogen and deuterium

  • Detector: Photomultiplier R955 for UV/Vis wavelength Peltier cooled PbS detector for near IR InGaAs detector for integrating sphere module

  • Photometric range: 8A (using reference- beam attenuation)

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

anilkg[at] ee[dot] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


NCPRE Characterisation Lab,

3rd Floor, New Nano Building

Department of Electrical Engineering

(w.e.f. )

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