Transmission electron microscopy- sample preparation facility - II

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This system contains four units tune piezo electric cutting tool, disc grinder, precision ion polishing system and dimple grinder to prepare samples for Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. Samples made of Si/Ge/Ga As can be processed.

Make and Model

  1. Tune piezo cutting tool, Gatan Model 601
  2. Disc grinder, Gatan Model 623
  3. Dimple grinder, Gatan Model 656
  4. Precision ion polishing system, Gatan Model 691


  • 1) Cross TEM: Tune piezo cutting tool

    • Rectangular cutting tool is used to cut out the wafer sample (3-4mm)
    • Cylindrical tool is used to cut the cylindrical sample containing sample and dummies (2mm)
  • 2) Cross TEM: Disc grinder

    • Used to cut the discs of 250-400microns
    • Rate of cutting of 400microns thick discs of silicon is 0.0040 in/min
  • 3) Cross TEM: Disc grinder

    • The sample thickness from 400microns is brought to about 25-30microns by grinding the sample at the interface
    • Diamond paste of 2-4μm is used for friction.
  • 4) Cross TEM: Precision ion polishing system

    • Thickness from about 25-30microns is brought down to near 1micron.
    • Bean energy range used is 2kev to 5kev
    • Gun angles can be set to mill the sample at a specific angle to control the thinning

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

anilkg[at] ee[dot] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


EC Lab, 2nd Floor,

Electrical Engineering Annex Building,

Department of Electrical Engineering.

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