Transmission electron microscope facility

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Transmission electron microscope (TEM) is capable of imaging with 2.4A 0 resolution. It is operated at 200kV and is optimized for bright field/dark field imaging and diffraction analysis.

Make and Model

Philips, CM 200

Available mode for use

  • Bright field and dark field imaging, diffraction alysis.


  • Resolution: 2.4Ao

  • Allows large tilt angles of the specimen

  • Operating voltage: 20-200kV

  • Magnification: 25xto 750Kx

  • Lens: Super twin lens.


  • Materials science

  • Metallurgy

  • Biological science

  • Nanotechnology

  • Ceramics

  • Pharmaceuticals

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

office[dot] saif[at] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


Room No. 311, Ground Floor,

Centre for Research in Nanotechnology and Science

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