Specialised furnace facility


There are three stacks of furnaces with each stack having 3 tubes. There are four low pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD) tubes and five atmospheric furnace tubes.

Each tube has three temperature zones that can be controlled in order to have uniform temperature throughout the tube.

Make and Model



  • Substrate dimension: 2” and 4” Si wafers can be processed.

  • LPCVD tubes (low temperature oxide (SiO2 ),silicon nitride (SiN), intrinsic polysilicon, N-type doped polysilicon)

  • Atmospheric tubes (silicon dioxide, siliconoxynitride, annealing, wet oxide and drivein)

  • For LPCVD tubes:

    •  Substrate temperature range: Upto 800°C
    •  Chamber base vacuum: 1 mT
    •  Gases: SiH4 , PH3 , NH3 , H2 



    For atmospheric tubes:

    •  Temperature range: Upto 1100°C
    •  Gases: N2O, O2 , H2 , Ar, N2

Facility in-charge

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Nano Lab, Ground Floor,

Electrical Engineering Annex Building,

Department of Electrical Engineering

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