Screen printer facility

The screen printer is used for solar cell front and back side metallisation.

Make and Model

Semi-Automated P-200, Screen printer


  • Substrate handling: Manual loading and unloading at operator side.

  • Print speed: Squeegee movement byservomotor 2-320mm/sec, free adjustable.

  • Snap off: Adjustable 0-5mm.

  • Alignment: Screen to substrate repeatability ±5 microns

  • Cycle time: Typical 4-10 sec (table in, print, table out).

  • Screen frame: Max. 550x550mm to be fixed when ordering.

  • Camera system: Two video cameras connected to PC.

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

anilkg[at] ee[dot] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


NCPRE Fabrication Lab,

2nd Floor, Nanoelectronics Building

Department of Electrical Engineering

(w.e.f. )

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