Quantum efficiency measurement system


The photovoltaic characterization system can be used for external quantum efficiency (EQE) measurement and internal quantum efficiency (IQE) calculation with the help of reflectance measurement. The system can be used for reflectance/transmittance measurements

Make and Model

Bentham, PVE300

Available mode for use

  • Transformer mode

  • DC mode with zero chopper frequency

  • AC mode with current pre-amplifier


  • Wavelength range: 300nm-1100nm.

  • Wavelength resolution: 1nm.

  • Source: Xenon lamp, QTH lamp.

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

anilkg[at] ee[dot] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


NCPRE Characterization Lab,

3rd Floor, Nano Electronics Building

Department of Electrical Engineering

(w.e.f. )

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