Laser doping tool

Laser doping tool

Tha laser doping tool is used for deep diffusion of phosphorus into silicon (from pre-deposited source) and SiNc ablation for contact patterning.

Make and Model

Scantech Laser Pvt. Ltd


  • Laser     Wavelength    1070 + 10nm
        Beam mode    TEM 00
        Pulse mode    CW and Modulated (1-1000kHz)
        Power output    2.5W-25W
        Minimum pulse    <10μs
        Movement(translation) along    X,Y and Z
         Maximum voltage of application        Raster scanning along    X and Y
       Mininum line to line translation

       < 5μm

       Mininum scan speed

       X-33mm/s, Y-33/s

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