Glove box setup


Glove box and metal evaporator facility is used for organic device fabrication e.g. organic solar cell, organic light emitting diode, organic field effect transistor, organic sensor, organic photo detector and perovskite optoelectronics devices.

Make and Model



  • O2 and H2O level at 0.1ppm to prevent degradation of organic materials in open atmosphere

  • Spin coater with step and dynamic spin coating in N2 ambience

  • Metal evaporator connected with spin coater glove box via big anti chamber in order to transfer device from one glove box to another without exposing to atmosphere

  • In metal evaporator glove box, Au, Ag, Al, Ca, MoO3 are deposited for top electrode contact

  • Metal-evaporator connected with two vacuum pumps: Dry rotary pump and turbomolecular pump (TMP)

  • Maximum vacuum 10-7 mbar.

Facility in-charge

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dkabra[at] gmail[dot] com


EA 118, Organic Device Lab,

Electrical Engineering Annex Building,

Department of Electrical Engineering.

(w.e.f. )