Field emission gun-transmission electron microscope-300 kV facility


This microscope provides higher resolution for a given objective lens geometry , a higher beam current and better sample penetration compared to a 200kV TEM. It has the ability to image thicker samples when compared with lower voltage instruments. An effective increase in brightness as well as beam current gives better analytical performance by improving signal to noise ratios.

Make and Model

FEI, Tecnai G2, F30

Available mode for use

  • Bright field and dark field imaging, diffraction analysis


  • Resolution: Point 2.0 Ao , Line 1.0Ao

  • Magnification: 58x to 1 million x

  • Accelerating voltage: 50-300kV

  • Lens: Super twin lens


  • Nano science and Nano technology, Micro/Nano electronics, Thin films, Catalysis, Semiconductors, Corrosion, Polymer science, Energy science/Engineering, Biological and Life sciences

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