Chemical vapour deposition system - II

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The system enables the chemical vapour deposition at low temperatures. Can deposit silicon nitride and amorphous silicon.

Make and Model

Oxford Instruments, Plasmalab 100

Available mode for use

  • The types of Si and glass substrates allowed are 2",4", 8" small pieces of wafers.


  • The Following gases are used:

    Silane for Si3N4 , a-Si

    Nitrogen for Si3N4

    Ammonia for Si3N4

    Argon for Plasma

    CF4/O2 for Plasma clean gas

  • Load lock chamber vacuum: 10-3 Torr

  • Process chamber vacuum: 10-6 Torr

Facility in-charge

Contact Email

anilkg[at] ee[dot] iitb[dot] ac[dot] in


NCPRE Fabrication Lab, 2nd Floor,

Nanoelectronics Building

Department of Electrical Engineering

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