Interdisciplinary Group in Systems and Control Engineering

Research areas

Large Scale Systems, System Reduction, Nuclear Reactor Control, Sliding Mode Control (Continuous & Discrete), Power Systems – Stability and Control, Modeling, Control & Implementation of Smart Structures, Space Launch Vehicles ­ Stability & Control, Gas Turbines – Stability & Control, Flexible manipulators, Stability & Control Multirate Output Feedback based Control (POF/FOS).

Robust Stability and Control especially using quantitative feedback theory (QFT) techniques,

Nonlinear System Analysis and Control, and Reliable Computing using interval analysis techniques. Optimal control, Constrained and optimization based control, in particular, stochastic modelpredictive/ receding­ horizontal control;

Nonlinear and adaptive control, geometric mechanics, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics.

Cooperative control of multi­agent systems, resource allocation, team theory and its application, decentralized control, cooperative and network control.