Department of Metallurgical Engineering & Materials Science

Research areas

Metals: Process analysis, instrumentation and control, Iron and Steel making, deformation behavior and microstructure evolution during creep and superplasticity, mineral processing and extractive metallurgy, metal forming, mechanical behavior, welding, physical metallurgy, phase transformation, structure property relationship, thermomechanical processing and texture analysis.

Ceramics: Electronic ceramics, bioceramics, glass ceramics, ceramic foams, industrial ceramics, IR transmitting glasses, near net shape forming, gel casting, rheology of suspensions.

Semiconductors and magnetic materials: Devices of thin film elemental semiconductors and alloy systems, surface treatment and surface engineering, chemical vapor deposition, structure property correlation in nanocrystalline magnetic materials, magnetoresistor materials In addition,research into materials for sensors and batteries, superconductors, thermoelectric materials, organic semiconductors, solar cells, nanophotonics, synthesis and processing of ion conductors, materials for energy generation and storage is going on in the Dept.

Polymers and Composites: Polymer blends, Polymercarbon nanotube composites, metalmatrix composites, structure property relations.

Wear and Corrosion: Fracture and failure, nondestructive evaluation, aqueous corrosion, metallurgy of corrosion, oil and gas corrosion, and protective coatings (paints, high temperature coatings etc.)

Modeling and Simulations: Modeling of metallurgical processes, heat and mass transport, modeling of metal forming, Optimization, Monte Carlo simulations, Dislocation dynamics simulations,molecular dynamics simulations, phase field modelling, first principle calculations, crystal plasticity.