Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research areas

Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics: Convective and radioactive heat transfer, Thermal Insulation, Transport properties, Combustion, Solar energy, Boiling, Condensation, Nanofluids.

Fluid Mechanics: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent flows, Compressible Flows, Microflows, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, High Performance Computing, Geophysical Fluid Dynamics, Fluid­structure interaction, Surface tension driven flows, Laser based experimental techniques.

Refrigeration and Air­conditioning: Refrigeration systems, A.C. systems, Cryogenics, Miniature Cryorefrigerators, Absorption systems, Food preservation, Liquification systems.

Internal Combustion Engineering: Fuel injection problems, Performance studies on petrol and diesel engines, Alternate fuels, Emission studies.

Thermal Power Engineering: Power plant analysis and design, Nuclear engineering, Nuclear reactor heat transfer, Reactor physics problems, Isotope applications and nuclear techniques.

Fluid Power: Fluid mechanics, Fluid Machinery, Fluid power control, Microfluidics.

Combustion and Flames: Laminar and turbulent flame propagation, Flame stabilization, numerical study of reactive flows, turbulence and combustion modelling, Studies with vitiation of combustion air, Combustion in closed vessels, Fluidised bed combustion.

Combustion and Emissions in Gas Turbine: Fuel injection problems, Performance studies, Alternate fuels, Emission studies, combustion chamber design, stability limits.

Automatic Control : System modeling, Optimal control, Model reduction techniques, Computer control, Microprocessor based control and automation, Digital control techniques, Computer vision based control in automation and Robotics.

Computer Aided Design: Simulation optimization, Interactive graphics.

Stress Analysis: Photoelasticity, Analytical methods based on complex variables, Numerical methods – Finite element and boundary element methods, etc.

Fracture & Fatigue: Linear elastic fracture mechanics, Elastic­plastic fracture mechanics, Fracture of composites, Dynamic fracture, 3­D problems of fracture, Low and high cycle fatigue, Creep, Corrosion, Creep­fatigue interactions, Fatigue­creep­corrosion interactions, Finite element and boundary element method applications.

Vibration, Noise, Acoustics and Dynamics: Linear and non­linear vibrations, Chaotic vibration, Vehicle dynamics, Switchgear dynamics, Rotor dynamics, Acoustics and noise control, Finite element and boundary element method applications, Nondestructive method for crack detection.

Robotics, Kinematics and Control: Analysis and optimal synthesis of planar and spatial mechanisms, Error analysis and calibration of robots, Programmable mechanisms, Identification and nonlinear control of rigid and flexible manipulators, Design issues related to wakling and running robots and mechanical logic gates.

Design Engineering: Gears, Pressure vessel design, Tribology and lubrication, Machinery maintenance, Optimization, CAD, Textile Machinery

CAD / CAM / CIM, CNC, Computer Assisted Process Planning, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly, Manufacturing Automation & Control, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Rapid Prototyping and Tooling.

Design, Optimization and Modelling of Manufacturing Processes (Casting, Forming, Machining, and Welding), Precision and Micro­Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Tool Design.

Applications of IE & OR in Manufacturing, Logistics, Quality and Maintenance Systems.

MEMS, Nanotechnology, Miniaturization, Smart structure.

Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Numerical Modeling and Experimental Studies on Manufacturing Processes (Casting, Bulk and Sheet Metal Forming processes, Thermal and athermal Welding/joining process, Powder Metallurgy, Metal Injection Moulding, Conventional & Non­ Conventional Machinery processes).

Precision and micromanufacturing

Tool design and Development.